Toby Birney is a cinematographer with a lifelong passion for capturing images that tell compelling stories. He manages to keep one foot firmly grounded in the world of scripted narrative projects and the other in the world of unscripted documentaries, and he feels equally at home in either one. Toby maintains a firm belief that these different skillsets and operating styles complement one another and make him a well-rounded storyteller.

His work on A&E’s long-running series, Intervention, earned him a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Program for the episode, “Sierra.” Push Girls for Sundance Channel won a Critic’s Choice Award for Best Reality Series. He has also worked as a camera operator on CNN's United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell which won 2 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program during his years working on the series.

Toby’s credits as a director of photography for television projects include projects for Netflix, NatGeo, Bravo, History, A&E, CNN, Animal Planet, TLC, E! Entertainment, and Sundance Channel. He earned credits as the 2nd unit DP and “A” Camera Operator on the Swedish historical drama miniseries Snapphanar, directed by Mårlind & Stein and photographed by Linus Sandgren, FSF (American Hustle); as a camera operator on Ed Zwick’s Defiance, starring Daniel Craig & Liev Schrieber and photographed by Eduardo Serra, ASC/AFC (Girl With a Pearl Earring); and as a camera operator on the four-part mini series, War and Peace, starring Clémence Poésey and photographed by Fabrizio Lucci (Coco Chanel). Before that, he learned the craft of lighting while working as a gaffer alongside many influential cinematographers including Theo Van De Sande, ASC (Volcano), Chris Manley, ASC (Mad Men) and Paul Ryan, ASC (A River Runs Through It).

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Vanderpump Rules Bravo
Produced by Jeremiah Smith for Evolution Media
Director of Photography (season 10: 112 one-hour episodes)

How To Build A Sex Room
Produced by Sarah Howell and Corinna Robbins for ITV and High Noon Productions
Director of Photography (season 1: 10 one-hour episodes)

Breaking Bobby Bones
Produced by Jeffrey L. Weaver and Travis Shakespeare for BBC Studios
Director of Photography (season 1: 16 half-hour episodes)

Intervention A&E
produced by Jeffrey L. Weaver, P.J. Davenport, & Peter Field for GRB
Director of Photography (seasons 15 & 16: 12 one-hour episodes)
Emmy Award Nomination:
Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Program 2016
Emmy Award Nomination: Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program 2015

You Can’t Lick Your Elbow NatGeo
produced by Jeffrey L. Weaver for Authentic Entertainment
Director of Photography (6 half-hour episodes)

Brad Meltzer’s Decoded History
produced by Bill Langworthy, Gary Auerbach, Tina Gazzerro for Go Go Luckey
Director of Photography (seasons 1 & 2: 23 one-hour episodes)

Duff’s Cake Masters Food Network
Authentic Entertainment / produced by M.J. Loheed & Drey Stockart
Director of Photography (season 1: 3 one-hour episodes)

Cesar 911 NatGeo Wild
produced by Jordan Roberts, Sudi Khosropur, & Carley Simpson for ITV
Director of Photography (season 2: 12 one-hour episodes)

Eric & Jessie: Game On E! Entertainment
produced by Kathryn Takis for Shed Media
Director of Photography (season 2: 6 half-hour episodes)

Diary of a Medium Lifetime
Produced by Sudi Khosropur & Saul Friedman for Levity Entertainment Group
Director of Photography (one-hour pilot)

Push Girls Sundance
produced by Sven Nilsson, Jen Lane, & Jonathan Chinn for Gay Rosenthal Productions
Director of Photography (season 2: 10 half-our episodes, additional DP season 1)
Critics’ Choice Television Award winner: Best Reality Series 2013

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm TLC
produced by Sven Nilsson & Kathryn Takis for Gay Rosenthal Productions
Director of Photography (season 1: 6 one-hour episodes)

Little People, Big World TLC
Sven Nilsson, Mark Cole, Kathryn Takis, & Sandy Cohen for Gay Rosenthal Productions
Director of Photography (4 one-hour special episodes)

Tanked Animal Planet
produced by Jeffrey L. Weaver for Nancy Glass Productions
Director of Photography (season 1: 6 one-hour episodes)

United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell CNN
produced by W. Kamau Bell, Justin Yungfleisch, Lauren Thompson, & Donny Jackson for All3
Camera Operator (seasons 2, 3, & 4: 24 one-hour episodes) (Patrick Higgins: DP)
Emmy Award Winner: Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program 2018
Emmy Award Winner: Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program 2017

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Bravo
Produced by Luke Neslage & Erin Foye for Invent TV (Jason Eksuzian: DP)
Camera Operator (season 1 & 3: 24 one-hour episodes)

Cash Pad
Produced by Ming Howell for Electus Productions (Colin Donahue: DP)
Camera Operator (seasons 1: 8 one-hour episodes)
Unanchored Bravo
Produced by Bill Langworthy & Jeremiah Smith (Jason Eksuzian: DP)
Lead Camera Operator (season 1: 9 one-hour episodes

Make Me A Millionaire Inventor CNBC
All3 Media / produced by Rebecca Hertz (Patrick Higgins: DP)
Camera Operator (season 2: 12 one-hour episodes)

The Great Food Truck Race Food Network
produced by Dean Ollins for Relativity Real (Patrick Higgins: Director / DP)
Camera Operator (season 4: 7 one-hour episodes)

Little People, Big World TLC
produced by Jeffrey L. Weaver, Sven Nilsson, and Eric Streit for Gay Rosenthal Productions
Camera Operator (seasons 3, 4, & 5: credits on over 50 half-hour episodes)

The Amazing Race CBS
produced by Bertram van Munster for Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Zone Camera Operator (episodes 12.5 & 12.6, filmed in Lithuania)

The Dark Ages History Channel
Chris Cassel (Director) & Tim Metzger (DP) for KPI Productions
Camera Operator

Nuclear Secrets BBC
Matthew Wortman (Dir.) & Florian Schilling (DP) for Baltic Film
Camera Operator

Surviving Disaster BBC
Baltic Film / Matthew Wortman (Dir.) & Florian Schilling (DP)
Camera Operator (ep. 1.1: "Munich Air Crash")

The Palace ITV (United Kingdom)
Metin Hüseyin (Dir.) & Graham Smith (DP) for Company Pictures (UK)
Additional Camera Operator (Episodes 1.1 – 1.4)

War and Peace Lux Vide, S.P.A. (Italy) (Three-part Television Miniseries
Robert Dornhelm (Director), Jan Michelini (2nd Unit Director), Fabrizio Luzzi (DP)
Camera Operator

Snapphanar Filmlance International (Sweden) (Three-part Miniseries)
Björn Stein & Måns Mårlind (Directors) & Linus Sandgren, FSF (DP)
Director of Photography: 2nd unit
Camera Operator: “A” Camera

DEFIANCE Grosvenor Park Productions (USA)
Ed Zwick (Director) & Eduardo Serra, AFC, ASC (DP)
Additional Camera Operator

RATTEN 2- SIE KOMMEN WEIDER! Medienfonds (Germany)
Jörg Lühdorff (Director) / Bernhard Jasper (DP)
Camera Operator

SPECIAL FORCES Nu Image / Millennium Films (USA)
Isaac Florentine (Director) / Gideon Porath (DP)
Gaffer / Additional Camera Operator (“C” Camera)

ENDANGERED SPECIES Weintraub-Kuhn Productions (USA)
Kevin Tinney (Director) / Chris Manley, ASC (DP)
Gaffer / Additional Camera Operator

BACKYARD DOGS Barnholtz Entertainment (USA)
Robert Boris (Director) / Michael Chambliss (DP)

THE DOGWALKER Filmmaker’s Alliance (USA)
Jacques Thelemaque (Director) / Marco Fargnoli (DP)
Director of Photography: 2nd unit

EASY Curb Entertainment/ Over Easy Productions (USA)
Jane Weinstock (Director) / Paul Ryan, ASC (DP)